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Cardinal Commitment
Student service organization

United Students for Veterans' Health

Multi-quarter part-time

USVH strives to help long-term care patients in Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospitals by bringing student volunteers to engage the Veterans. Patients in long-term care at the VA Hospitals are often elderly, in many cases suffering from cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia. Outside of family visits and planned events, patients may experience loneliness and confusion. The primary goal of USVH is to connect with veterans and make them feel appreciated.

Service required by group to fulfill a Cardinal Commitment: All of our members are required to be a part of a shift that attends the Menlo Park VA 2 hours each week.

Cardinal Commitment Mentors: Komal Kumar and Zane Norville.

members of United Students for Veterans Health in a hallway with a veteran in a wheelchair

"The dedication of USVH student volunteers is just one example of the growing culture of service on campus."

Komal Kumar, '20, and Zane Norville, ’21, served as the national co-presidents of United Students for Veterans’ Health.

Komal Kumar, '20, and Zane Norville, '21

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