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Cardinal Commitment

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Get support for your sustained commitment to a community, organization, or issue.

Cardinal Commitment offers advising, funding, connection to the community, training, and opportunities to reflect—all you need to improve your public service.

What is Cardinal Commitment?

Making a Cardinal Commitment means engaging with a community to address a problem or need for at least three quarters while you’re at Stanford. You’ll develop a personal mission statement describing your commitment, receive advice and guidance from a mentor or supervisor, and spend time documenting and reflecting on your service experience.

How to Make a Cardinal Commitment

There are three steps to making a Cardinal Commitment:

  1. Declare your Commitment
    Create a personal mission statement that guides your work. Incorporate your public service goals and outcomes into your mission statement. Begin the application to declare your commitment.
  2. Engage in service work
    Work with your community or issue for a majority of the year while continually reflecting on your mission statement. The Principles of Ethical and Effective Service should inform your work. Contact the Cardinal Commitment team whenever you need support. 
  3. Certify completion
    You can conclude your Cardinal Commitment by certifying completion, with a concise reflection on your experiences.

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