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Cardinal Commitment

SCoPE 2035: Stanford Coalition for Planning an Equitable 2035

Multi-quarter part-time
Law, Policy & Justice

The work we do includes conducting policy analysis and advocating for better county-level policy, writing op-eds, collaborating with community stakeholders and using direct action tactics such as staging protests and rallies. Our goals are to advocate for those whose voices are often silenced, which in our case often means campus workers.

Service required by group to fulfill a Cardinal Commitment: Students must be fully integrated into one of our subgroups, already have taken on responsibilities in the past and be committed to taking on responsibilities in the future. They will talk with core members about why and how they are prepared to make a Cardinal Commitment.

Cardinal Commitment Mentor: Mentors already existing within SCoPE 2035's process will function as Cardinal Commitment mentors. 



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Graduate Students

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