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Schneider Fellowships

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Environmental Sustainability

Through the Schneider Fellows program, Stanford students work at leading U.S. nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in the sustainable energy field.

Information sessions

Tuesday, November 16, 12:00–1:00pm


Wednesday, January 5, 3:00–4:00pm


Fellows spend a summer quarter or one year tackling the world’s economic, environmental, social, and technical challenges associated with harnessing energy resources to deliver energy services.

Fellows receive a stipend of $9,500 for a 12-week summer fellowship. In addition, funds are available for fellowship-related travel. One-year fellows receive a competitive salary with benefits.

The program is named in honor of Stephen H. Schneider (1945-2010), an internationally renowned expert on climate science and a leader in promoting solutions to address climate change. Stephen Schneider pioneered interdisciplinary research and policy analysis that underpinned many influential climate science publications, including the first four annual reports of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. For 18 years he served as a professor at Stanford University, where he had a lasting impact on countless students and alumni.

Meet the Schneider Fellows

Frequently Asked Questions 


The Schneider Fellows program is open to currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students.

Fellows commit to working 12 weeks for the summer program or one year at their host NGO.

Generally, summer fellowships begin in June and the one-year fellowships begin in September.

The NGOs will receive and screen candidate applications. There are no limits to the number of fellowships to which applicants may apply.

NGOs and Fellowships

2022–23 Yearlong Fellowship Opportunities

Natural Resources Defense Council

2022 Summer Fellowship Opportunities

National Audubon Society

Environmental Defense Fund

Natural Resources Defense Council

Rocky Mountain Institute

Union of Concerned Scientists

United Nations Foundation

U.S. Green Building Council

World Resources Institute

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for more than one Schneider Fellowship opportunity?

Yes! You can apply to any of the opportunities that interest you and seem like a potential fit. If you apply to opportunities at multiple organizations, you will need to submit application materials for each opportunity. Review the application requirements and process for each opportunity as they may vary.

Can I apply for both the summer and year-long opportunities?

Yes! However, if you are offered both a summer and year-long fellowship, you will only be able to accept one of the opportunities.

Can I apply if I previously received a Schneider Fellowship?

If you have already engaged in a summer Schneider Fellowship experience you will have lower priority for the current summer program. You can apply, and be fully considered, for a year-long opportunity if you previously completed a summer fellowship experience.

Who should write my recommendation letter?

Summer opportunities:
Recommenders can include Stanford faculty, staff, lecturers, graduate teaching assistants, residence fellows as well as former employers or internship supervisors.

Yearlong opportunities:
Two letters of recommendation are required. One should be an academic reference – feel free to ask faculty, lecturers, graduate teaching assistants, etc. from Stanford or from a previous institution. Your second letter should be a professional reference: former and/or current employers, internship supervisors, principal investigators, residence fellows.

For both opportunities:
Peers should not serve as recommenders. Best advice is to select someone who knows you best and can speak to your candidacy for the fellowship opportunity. Be sure to ask them early and give them plenty of time to submit your recommendation letter by the deadline.

What should I include for my writing sample?

If your fellowship application requires a writing sample (not all organizations require this) plan to include a 3-5 page piece you have completed for a past course or work experience. If the piece is related to the sustainable energy arena that is ideal, but not required. A policy-related piece would also be appropriate to submit.

How are Schneider Fellows selected?

All submitted applications that are fully completed will be sent directly to our partner organizations just after the application deadline. Each fellowship supervisor will review all applications and determine interviews and final selections.

When will Schneider Fellows be selected & notified?

Fellowship supervisors will evaluate the submitted applications and conduct interviews for selected applicants in mid-February. Final selections will be made and students notified by the first week of March.

How competitive are the Schneider Fellowships?

Application numbers for each fellowship opportunity do vary from year to year, but overall it is a popular program since all degree levels can apply. We do encourage all interested students to apply and to submit thoughtful application materials. Since the number of fellows selected each year is limited, we encourage students to consider applying to other related campus opportunities as well. Other opportunities to consider include:

Graduate & Undergraduate summer opportunities:

  • Shultz Energy Fellowships – Precourt, Bill Lane Center, SIG
  • energyStartup Internships & Energy Impact Fellowship – TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy

Undergraduate summer opportunities:

  • Environment & Policy Internships in California (EPIC) – Woods Institute, SIG
  • Earth Systems Public Service Fellowship – Haas Center
  • Bill Lane Internship – Bill Lane Center for the American West
  • Public Service Projects Fellowship – Haas Center

Postgrad opportunities for graduating undergraduates:

  • Community Impact Fellowship
  • John Gardner Public Service Fellowship
  • Tom Ford Fellowship in Philanthropy

To explore additional energy-related opportunities visit Stanford Energy.


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