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Alyssa Romanos, '21

Alyssa Bautista Romanos, '21

Being an ethical technologist

Alyssa Romanos, '21 presents her research at SURPS

I'm extremely grateful for the past two summers as a Cardinal Quarter fellow. I've been given the opportunity to explore my passions for both technology and social justice, working for two amazing organizations that have taught me so much about what it means to be an ethical technologist.

Despite the remote format, I formed such special bonds with the folks at Recidiviz. They've all been incredible mentors and friends to me. Through this work, I've been inspired to dive even further into civic technology - I'll be working for the NIH this fall as a Civic Digital Fellow.

I'm still navigating what sort of impact I want to have within technology, but I know that these experiences have pushed me to continue to think critically about the ways in which technology is used in our world.

Alyssa presented her work from her Urban Summer Fellowship with at SURPS in 2019.
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