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Adam Nayak, '21

Adam Nayak, '22

Problem solving through relationship building

Adam Nayak and team with solar installation

Working as an engineer continues to remind me of my values for community engagement and relationship building. The people I meet and the relationships I gain continuously change my career trajectory by introducing me to new knowledge that shifts my understanding of my work.

Embodying patience, empathy, and curiosity while solving challenging problems has allowed me to gain more from engineering practice. By working in partnership with the communities involved, I feel I am better able to address larger issues and identify the root causes to complex problems.

I always have more to learn, and there will always be more difficulties to troubleshoot, but public service keeps me grounded in my work by centering the people around me and the systems that are so important to our everyday lives.

Adam Nayak is a Cardinal Service Peer Advisor and a student member of the Haas Center's National Advisory Board.
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