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CEE 126: International Urbanization Seminar: Cross-Cultural Collaboration for Sustainable Urban Development (EARTHSYS 138, IPS 274, URBANST 145)

Deland Chan, Kevin Hsu
This course features a comparative approach to sustainable cities with focus on international practices and applicability to China. Topics covered are tradeoffs regarding land use, infrastructure, energy and water, and the need to balance economic vitality, environmental quality, cultural heritage, and social equity. Student teams collaborate with Chinese faculty and student partners to support urban sustainability projects.

CSRE 162A: Spirituality and Nonviolent Urban and Social Transformation (RELIGST 162, URBANST 126)  

Patricia Karlin-Neumann
A life of engagement in social transformation is often built on a foundation of spiritual and religious commitments. Case studies of nonviolent social change agents, such as Rosa Parks, César Chávez, and William Sloane Coffin, illuminate the religious and spiritual underpinnings of their commitments. Also taught are the theory and principles of nonviolence. The service-learning component includes placements in organizations engaged in social transformation.

DANCE 197: Dance in Prison: The Arts, Juvenile Justice, and Rehabilitation in America (TAPS 20N)

Janice Ross
In this participatory seminar, students find the nexus of art, community, and social action. Using dance, they study how the performing arts affect self-construction, perception and experiences of embodiment, and social control for incarcerated teenagers in Santa Clara Juvenile Hall.

EDUC 104: Introduction to the Profession of Teaching

Lisel Alice Murdock-Perriera
This course explores the profession of teaching through an internship in a local elementary or high school classroom. Students will observe and assist instruction for four hours per week. In class, students will read, discuss, and respond to theory and research related to teaching. The course is open to all undergraduates with an interest in the teaching profession.

ME 170A/B: Mechanical Engineering Design- Integrating Context with Engineering

Jeff Wood, Sheri Sheppard, Drew Nelson
In this two-quarter capstone sequence, seniors in Mechanical Engineering work in  teams to design and develop engineering systems addressing real-world problems in collaboration with community partners. Projects are based on themes addressing the most pressing needs of human society.

URBANST 169: California's Minority-Majority Cities (CSRE 260) 

Carol McKibben
This course examines historical development and the social, cultural, and political issues that characterize large cities and suburbs where communities of color make up majority populations. Case studies include cities in Los Angeles, Santa Clara, and Monterey counties, making comparisons to minority-majority cities elsewhere in the United States.

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