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TomKat Center energyStartup Internships

Environmental Sustainability, 
Human Rights

*Applications still open! There are a few companies that are still recruiting applicants. These will be accepted on a rolling basis, and the three-app limit no longer applies (meaning if you've applied to three already, you can still apply to the following that are still open!)*


The TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy has two internship programs. Between the two programs each student can only apply to three positions through the TomKat Center.  If applications are received for more than three positions they will be randomly deleted.

1) TomKat Center-supported Undergraduate Internships: The TomKat Center offers a limited number of paid summer internships to Stanford undergraduate students at exciting Stanford-affiliated sustainable energy startup companies. 

2) Industry-supported Energy Internships: The TomKat Center works with several exciting sustainable energy startup companies to help recruit talented Stanford undergraduate and masters students for paid summer internship positions.


All Stanford undergrads (including co-terms) are welcome to apply to our TomKat Center-supported internships. 

All Stanford undergrads and masters students are welcome to apply to our industry-supported internships. 




United States

Open To

Graduate Students

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TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy

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