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Directed Service Learning

Quarter-long course
Education & Youth Development
Directed Service Learning
Students collaborate with native Spanish-speaking workers on a mutually agreed project of benefit to the workers. Past projects have included: digital storytelling¿creating podcasts using testimonials, advice, or remembrances that workers wish to share¿and Spanish-English language exchanges. Cardinal Course (certified by Haas Center). Prerequisite: Completion of SPANLANG 13C, SPANLANG 13R, SPANLANG 13SL, or SPANLANG 23B and concurrent enrollment in SPANLANG 100, SPANLANG 101, SPANLANG 102, SPANLANG 103, or SPANLANG 108SL.





April 1, 2024 | 12:00 AM
* This Application Deadline has passed

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Cardinal Service Notation
Students who complete three Cardinal Courses are eligible for the Cardinal Service transcript notation. Learn more

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