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Lynne Zummo

Lynne Zummo, MA '15

Examining environmental issues in the classroom

Their big smiles and enthusiastic shouts say it all—kids love learning at NatureBridge.

From my first observation of students at the Golden Gate campus, which overlooks Rodeo Beach and the steep cliffs of the Marin Headlands, I knew that NatureBridge was a special place.

Wandering along the ocean and through densely forested groves, children here are happy and excited to learn about the natural world. One hope of NatureBridge is that this enthusiasm for nature persists beyond the residential experience, as students return to classrooms.

Having taught science, I endeavored to work with NatureBridge to develop a standards-based curriculum that could be given to schools to implement in the classroom, following field trips. Collaborating with the staff at NatureBridge, as well as local teachers, I developed a curriculum focused on connecting students' NatureBridge experience to their daily lives. This interdisciplinary curriculum seeks to help students understand water issues in California through multiple academic lenses. Building on knowledge and experience gained during at NatureBridge, the curriculum helps students examine a relevant issue from many perspectives.

We plan to pilot the curriculum next spring—I hope that it makes a meaningful contribution to both NatureBridge and local students.

Lynne Zummo, MA ’15, studied curriculum studies and teacher education in science education.
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