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Grants to support your public service

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Cardinal Commitment provides grants to support your service work. Any grants must adhere to the Cardinal Commitment Funding Guidelines.

Cardinal Commitment general grants

Mini-grants are available for:

  • Individual students actively making a Cardinal Commitment.
  • Registered Cardinal Commitment organizations to support students making a Cardinal Commitment.
  • OSE or ASSU recognized student organizations to support expenses not covered by ASSU or The Stanford Fund.

Please note:

  • Cardinal Commitment grants are not intended to be student organizations' sole source of funding.
  • Student organizations are limited to one grant request submission per quarter (with the exception of Major Grant requests which are intended to support innovative public service initiatives and have a limit of $1000). 
  • Students may submit grant requests to cover the following expenses
  • Supplies (max of $100 per quarter)
  • Equipment (max of $500 per quarter)
  • Food or events (max of $250 per quarter)
  • Transportation (max of $150 per quarter)
  • Training (max of $100 for one student or $50 per student if multiple students from organization need training).

Cardinal Commitment transportation grants

Transportation to and from your public service location may be eligible for reimbursement or funding through the Haas Center for Public Service.

  • Public transportation: funded through personal reimbursement.
  • Uber: if Uber is your preferred mode of transportation and your grant request is approved, you will receive instructions on how to receive Uber vouchers to cover your transportation needs. Maximum reimbursement for Uber use per quarter is $150.  Staff can provide advice on more cost-effective alternatives to Uber.
  • Zipcar: if your transportation grant request is approved, you will receive instructions detailing how to sign-up for the Haas Center’s Zipcar account. 
  • Gas/Mileage Reimbursement: students can be reimbursed $0.625 per mile. If your grant request is approved, you will receive detailed information regarding the information needed to process your reimbursement request. 

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