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Cardinal Quarter Programs

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Choose from 500+ opportunities to pursue a full-time, summer or quarter-long public service experience with Stanford support. Cardinal Quarter programs are offered through 30 campus partners at Stanford, offering a wide range of service experiences in everything from the arts to technology, philanthropy to international service. Fellowship stipends are provided to cover living and transportation expenses and are intended to ensure accessibility for all undergraduate students. 

Cardinal Quarter offers opportunities that are prearranged (an internship at a community partner identified by the Stanford sponsoring unit) or self-designed (an unpaid public service internship identified by the applicant). The placement types are indicated below and on this flyer. Take a look at our Finding a Community Partner tipsheet if you are interested in identifying a host organization for a self-designed experience.

It’s important to plan ahead for summer 2023! Most application deadlines are early February for the summer programs.

Advancing Gender Equity Fellowships

Learn about gender, diversity, and social justice through a practicum with a nonprofit organization or government agency addressing social, political, or economic issues affecting women.

Sponsoring Units: Women's Community Center and Haas Center for Public Service

Placement Type: Self-Designed

Contact: Faith Kazmi

Andrea Naomi Leiderman Fellowships

Contribute to ongoing research projects led by Stanford faculty as part of the research-practice partnership between the Graduate School of Education and the San Francisco Unified School District.

Sponsoring Unit: Haas Center for Public Service

Placement Type: Prearranged

Contact: Paitra Houts

Information on the summer 2023 opportunity will be available shortly

The Ansaf Kareem and Anna Khan Fellowship for the Markaz Resource Center

Dedicate your summer working with a Muslim-led organization or addressing an issue that pertains to Muslim communities

Sponsoring Unit: The Markaz Resource Center

Placement Type: Self-Designed

Contact: Abiya Ahmed

Bay Area Climate Justice Fellowships with PCJ in the Bay

Work with a partner in the Partnership for Climate Justice in the Bay Area initiative to help build climate resilience and an equitable transition to clean energy in the Bay Area, with an environmental justice lens.

Sponsoring Unit: Haas Center for Public Service

Placement Type: Prearranged

Contact: Esther Conrad

Bill Lane Internships

Work with organizations throughout the West tackling environmental, economic, and social challenges facing the region.

Sponsoring Unit: The Bill Lane Center for the American West

Placement Type: Prearranged

Contact: Corinne Thomas

Bing Stanford in Washington Program Internships

Intern for government agencies and NGOs, take classes taught by Stanford faculty and national policy experts, and participate in cultural events and activities.

Sponsoring Unit: Bing Stanford in Washington 

Placement Type: Participants are placed in an internship through the combined efforts of the student and SIW staff

Contact: Jill Vizas

Offered in Fall, Winter, and Spring

Black Diaspora Fellowship

Participate in a practicum working with a nonprofit organization or government agency on social, political, and/or economic issues affecting Black American communities.

Sponsoring Units: Black Community Services Center and Haas Center for Public Service

Placement Type: Self-Designed


BOSP Program in Kyoto - Summer Internships

Pursue a 10-week, full-time, paid summer internship in an organization or company in Japan. Internships are sourced based on each student's particular field of interest.

Sponsoring Unit: BOSP Kyoto

Placement Type: Prearranged

Contact: Mike Hugh and Naoko Sakata

Center for Latin American Studies Internship Grants

Complete an independent internship in Latin America.

Sponsoring Units: Center for Latin American Studies

Placement Type: Self-Designed

Contact: Elizabeth Saenz-Ackermann

CCSRE Undergraduate Fellowships

The Center for Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity offers full summer quarter funding for Community-Based Research Fellowships and Praxis Fellowships. CCSRE's CBR Fellowships pair students with faculty-led research projects; Praxis Fellowships pair students with community organizations. Both programs support students interested in social justice, community organizing, and race studies by developing their analytical and practical skills as scholar-activists. Preference is given to current and potential CCSRE majors/minors, but all students are encouraged to apply.

Sponsoring Unit: Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity 

Placement Type: Prearranged

Contact: Annie Atura

Chicanx/Latinx Communities Fellowships

Engage with Chicanx/Latinx communities to address issues of race, social justice, equity, inclusion, and artistic expressive history in movements for social change centered on the Chicanx/Latinx experience.

Sponsoring Units: El Centro Chicano Y Latino and Haas Center for Public Service

Placement Type: Self-Designed


Community Service Work-Study Program

Participate in a significant service experience while earning a portion of your financial aid award.

Sponsoring Unit: Haas Center for Public Service

Placement Type: Self-Designed


Earth Systems Public Service Fellowships

Apply what you have learned through interdisciplinary environmental studies with an internship at a nonprofit organization or government agency.

Sponsoring Units: Earth Systems Program and Haas Center for Public Service

Placement Type: Self-Designed


Empowering Asian/Asian American Communities Fellowships

Engage with Asian/Asian American communities to apply what you have learned in and out of the classroom about race, diversity, equity, social justice, and the Asian/Asian American experience.

Sponsoring Units: Asian American Activities Center and Haas Center for Public Service

Placement Type: Self-Designed

Contact: Jerald Adamos

Environment and Policy Internships in California (EPIC)

Pursue environmental policy internships with California state and San Francisco city agencies.

Sponsoring Units: Woods Institute for the Environment and Stanford in Government

Placement Type: Prearranged

Contact: Brian Sharbono

Freeman Spogli Institute Global Policy Internships

Pursue research and internships related to international policy and international affairs (available to both undergraduates and graduate students)

Sponsoring Unit: Freeman Spogli Institute

Placement Type: Prearranged

Contact: Patrick Laboon

Global Studies Internship Program

Program-identified internships cover a wide range of fields, including arts, business, education, engineering, environment, government, medicine, human rights, law, media, and technology. We also support self-arranged positions.

Sponsoring Unit: Stanford Global Studies

Placement Type: Prearranged and Self-Designed


Haas Center Community-Based Research Fellowship Program

Work with faculty to conduct research that addresses community-identified needs. 

Sponsoring Unit: Haas Center for Public Service

Placement Type: Self-Designed

Contact: Clayton Hurd

Human Rights Summer Fellowships

Make a valuable contribution to human rights or international justice either in partnership with a relevant organization or through community-based research.

Sponsoring Units: Center for Human Rights and International Justice and Haas Center

Placement Type: Self-Designed

Contact: Denise Fernandez

Indigenous Communities Tierra Baird working with plants

Indigenous Communities Fellowships

Participate in an internship with a nonprofit, government, or tribal organization on social, political, and/or economic issues impacting American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, and Indigenous Pacific Islander communities.

Sponsoring Units: Native American Cultural Center and Haas Center for Public Service

Placement Type: Self-Designed

Contact: Karen Biestman

King Center Summer Undergraduate Full-Time Research Assistant Program

Get fieldwork experience in global development across disciplines. Spend up to 12 weeks in a low- or middle-income country conducting research for a Stanford faculty member or affiliate in collaboration with a community partner.

Sponsoring Unit: King Center on Global Development

Placement Type: Prearranged

Krupp Internship Program

Intern with a German institution, organization, or company in a field related to your studies (e.g. research and development for sustainable production and consumption, public policy, international relations and development, social services, civil rights, urban development, all forms of engineering).

Sponsoring Unit: BOSP Berlin Center

Placement Type: Prearranged and Self-Designed

Contact: Wolf-Dietrich Junghanns

Offered in Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer

Lyric McHenry Community Arts Fellowship

Work in the areas of curation, presentation, outreach, and arts education.

Sponsoring Unit: Institute for Diversity in the Arts

Placement Type: Self-Designed

Contact: A-lan Holt

Tech Ethics & Policy Summer Fellowships

Work with California public interest technology organizations and learn how to develop, implement, and regulate technology for the public interest. Placements are arranged by the Ethics, Society, and Technology Hub.

Sponsoring Units: Ethics, Society, and Technology Hub and Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence

Placement Type: Prearranged

Contact: Ashlyn Jaeger

Public Policy Summer Internships

Complete an internship with a public agency or nonprofit related to your program of study or career plans.

Sponsoring Unit: Public Policy Program

Placement Type: Self-Designed

Contact: Sahar Hashemian

Reflective Practice and Social Change Fellowship

Work with an organization of your choice and explore personal values, beliefs, purpose and meaning in one’s life to better understand motivations to commit to service and social change.

Sponsoring Units: Office of Religious Life and Haas Center for Public Service

Placement Type: Self-Designed

Contact: Rabbi Laurie Hahn Tapper

Schneider Fellows

Work at leading U.S. NGOs in the sustainable energy field. Spend a quarter tackling the global challenges of harnessing energy resources to deliver energy services. Available to undergraduates and graduate students.

Sponsoring Unit: Haas Center for Public Service

Placement Type: Prearranged

Contact: Jon McConnell

Shultz Energy Fellowships

Pursue an energy-related public service internship within governmental organizations in Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, or Utah. Available to undergraduate and graduate students.

Sponsoring Units: Precourt Institute for Energy, Bill Lane Center for the American West, Stanford in Government, and Haas Center for Public Service

Placement Type: Prearranged

Contact: Katie Taflan Cerneka

Stanford in Government Fellowships and Stipends

Gain meaningful public policy experience at government and nonprofit organizations through fellowship placements arranged by SIG, or pursue a self-designed policy internship through the SIG Stipends Program.

Sponsoring Unit: Stanford in Government

Placement Type: Prearranged and Self-Designed

Contact: Brandon Ma '23

Stanford in New York

Engage with one of the world’s most dynamic cities, through a quarter-long, four-day/week internship in an area of your interest and classes led by leading Stanford and local faculty

Sponsoring Unit: Stanford in New York

Placement Type: Prearranged

Contact: Mika Bouvard

Offered in Fall, Winter, and Spring

Stanford Internship Program in Arts Administration (SIPA)

Explore the field of arts administration through a variety of roles that support and facilitate artistic and cultural expression. 

Sponsoring Unit: Office of the Vice President of the Arts

Placement Type: Prearranged and Self-Designed

Contact: Sabrina Wilensky

Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies (Seed) Internships

Work closely with talented entrepreneurs in Africa and South Asia. Gain high-level work experience while making a social impact in emerging markets. Experience all that and more through a funded, Stanford Seed internship.

Sponsoring Unit: Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies

Placement Type: Prearranged

Contact: Dan Zussman

TomKat Center Fellowships and Internships

energyStartup Internships: Actively contribute to the development and deployment of innovations to tackle the energy, food, water, and environmental challenges facing society. (Undergrads and masters)

Energy Impact Fellowship: As a team, work at Stanford to undertake an innovative project that quantifies economic opportunities and develops actionable solutions that will help communities benefit from transitioning to sustainable energy, food, water, and transportation systems. (Undergrads only)

Sponsoring Unit: TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy

Placement Type: Prearranged

Contact: Elizabeth Irino

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