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Cardinal Commitment mentor responsibilities

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A Cardinal Commitment mentor plays a critical role in a student’s public service journey. The relationship is customizable to the needs of both the mentor and student.

  • A mentor should be open to meeting at least quarterly with their student to discuss the student’s public service challenges and successes. This can be as simple inviting the student to coffee to ask them how it’s going, helping the student reflect on their experience, helping the student with little challenges that come up, and celebrating their successes with a pat on the back.
  • When the student is ready to wrap up their sustained public service, or to “Certify” their Cardinal Commitment, the mentor will be notified and asked to sign off on the student's work, telling Cardinal Commitment program management team that, in the mentor’s opinion, the student has successfully made and completed a Commitment to sustained (i.e. at least three quarters) public service.

One other important note for mentors is that the relationship should be driven by the student. Cardinal Commitment doesn’t expect mentors to take responsibility for organizing the meetings or communicating information about the Commitment. That is all a part of the students’ responsibilities when making a Cardinal Commitment.

The Cardinal Commitment team is always available to provide support to both mentors and students. Please email us if you have any questions.

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