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Spanish Immersion: The Work of the Migrant Farmworker

Quarter-long course
Spanish Immersion: The Work of the Migrant Farmworker
The objective of this course is to develop communicative, writing and listening skills in Spanish through interaction with the migrant farm-worker community in the Pescadero, California area through authentic readings, special guest presentations, films and documentaries. Through these interactions and expositions of authentic materials the student will learn how farm workers live, what their workday is like, and what aspects of their ancestral traditions and cultural heritage they put into practice when planting and harvesting the products that will later reach our tables. Students will create profiles of the farm workers so as to understand the entire process from food to table; at the conclusion of SoCo, the students will present a final project consisting of: a poster profiling the farmers, an informative video of the farming community of Pescadero and a series of journalistic photographs that will be part of a photo report for the newspaper "Peninsula 360 press" of the community of Redwood City, California.





September 6, 2022 | 12:00 AM

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