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Mechanical Engineering Design: Integrating Context with Engineering

Quarter-long course
Technology & Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Design: Integrating Context with Engineering
Second course of two-quarter capstone sequence. Working in project teams, design and develop an engineering system addressing a real-world problem in theme area of pressing societal need. Learn and utilize industry development process: first quarter focuses on establishing requirements and narrowing to top concept. Second quarter emphasizes implementation and testing. Learn and apply professional communication skills, assess ethics. Students must have completed ME170a; completion of 170b required to earn grade in 170a. Course sequence fulfills ME WIM requirement. Course open to Biomechanics students for Capstone credit. Co- or Prerequisites: ENGR15, ME80, ME104, ME131 (ME only), ME123 (ME only). (Cardinal Course certified by the Haas Center).





January 7, 2024 | 11:00 PM

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