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Cardinal Courses
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Master's Seminar

Quarter-long course
Environmental Sustainability
Master's Seminar
Required of and open only to Earth Systems co-terminal MS and MA students. This course has several elements, including, skill building through experiential learning and reflection and professional development. Students will either work in teams with a community partner in the Bay area on a predetermined project, or select a self- designed project with a partner anywhere in the world. The idea is to complete a well-defined, manageable, but important project to a high standard under significant time constraints. Our community partners have requested help with achieving their missions and seminar students will utilize their backgrounds in social/environmental problem solving to deliver a final product. Our partners have requested help with such efforts as grant and report writing, data analysis, curriculum development, symposium organizing, presentation research and preparation and communications to raise awareness about an environmental challenge. If you choose to design your own project, the instructor will help you to create this opportunity. Students will give oral presentations on their project progress throughout the quarter, culminating in a final presentation at a symposium with our partners. Students will also explore how best to communicate their interdisciplinary skills and goals through their resumes, CV's or cover letters, portfolios or linkedIn profiles in preparation for the next phase of their career. Guest speakers and in class workshops will complement these activities.Cardinal Course certified by the Haas Center.





January 8, 2023 | 11:00 PM

Open To

Graduate Students

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