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Cardinal Commitment

Healing Strokes

Multi-quarter part-time

Healing Strokes hopes to facilitate relaxation-based art therapy for stroke patients and their carers with the goal of helping alleviate post-stroke depression often experienced during recovery.

Student volunteers actively facilitate the art workshops, either going around the room and assisting participants or participating themselves in the activity alongside the patients. At the end of each session, there will be 30-40 minutes dedicated to sharing each participant’s work and what broader meaning it carries for them in the context of stroke recovery. In addition to drafting the curriculum, preparing the necessary materials, and guiding the patients through the activities, the students will also work toward raising awareness on post-stroke depression and the importance of mental wellness in proper recovery after stroke.
  Our goals are four-fold:
  1. To boost stroke patients’ mental wellness through activities that evoke feelings of accomplishment, resilience, excitement, and self-confidence
  2. To offer a free and consistent weekly space for stroke patients to engage with others going through similar recovery processes, establishing both a peer support community and building connections between patients, carers, and students through shared therapeutic activities and fruitful discussion.
  3. To  implement fun, low risk creative-arts based activities that enable post-stroke patients to exercise their physical and mental capabilities in ways that avoid the typical frustrations that accompany neuronal rehabilitation.
  4. To encourage meaningful interactions between passionate volunteers and patients/carers, fostering compassion and ethical insight regarding service in volunteers.



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