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Cardinal Quarter

Haas Center Cardinal Quarter Fellowship Summer 2022 Round 2

Arts & Media, 
Education & Youth Development, 
Environmental Sustainability, 
Human Rights, 
Socio-Economic Prosperity, 
Technology & Engineering, 
Law, Policy & Justice

This opportunity and application encompass the following Haas Center-sponsored and co-sponsored fellowships in the domestic U.S., including: Black Diaspora Fellowship, Public Service Projects Fellowship, Roland Longevity Fellowship, and Stanford Nurse Alumnae Fellowship.

Through the Haas Center Cardinal Quarter Fellowship opportunity, undergraduate students design and implement a full-time service experience within the United States during the summer quarter. Students may serve across diverse service themes--from arts, education, and health, to racial justice, climate solutions, and public interest technology. Students are also able to engage in different Pathways of Public Service and Civic Engagement--from direct service, community organizing and activism, to policy, philanthropy, or social entrepreneurship.

Haas Center Cardinal Quarter Fellows spend the summer working full-time with a supervisor/mentor in a domestic U.S. community organization of their choice. Applicants propose their own placements with organizations with which they have corresponded before the application deadline and effectively demonstrate that their intended partner organizations have the need, interest and capacity to work with a fellow and to support the proposed project/work plans. The Haas Center has many Resources for Fellowship Applicants, including our list of Cardinal Quarter Connections of host organizations seeking to work with Stanford undergraduate students, and our Meet the Undergraduate Fellows page with information on previous fellows' community partners and projects.

Please review the program policies in their entirety before applying. 

Each Haas Center Cardinal Quarter Fellow receives a base stipend of $5,500 to support living expenses during the fellowship. Financial aid and supplemental funding may be available to students who qualify.

Visit this page for information on previous fellows' community partners and projects.

This fellowship is made possible by Haas Center donors as part of the Cardinal Quarter program.

Sophia Lamas

"My family’s history of immigration is the reason I began working with refugees, and working with refugees is the reason I found myself."

Sophia Lamas, ’24, plans to major in International Relations with a minor in Arabic. She is the secretary of Stanford’s QuestBridge chapter, an organization that helps connect low-income high-achieving students to top-ranked universities. She is also involved with the international development club KIDA and Stanford Women in Law. Sophia is originally from Evergreen, Colorado.

Sophia Lamas, ’24

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For complete eligibility requirements, please review our program policies in its entirety.

Undergraduates from all academic disciplines are encouraged to apply, and applicants may vary in academic interests, public service involvement, and experience. Priority will be given to students who have completed fewer than two previous Cardinal Quarter opportunities. Graduating seniors may have lower priority. Students who have begun their coterm programs (i.e., students who are paying for graduate tuition) are not eligible to apply.

Students are welcome to propose placements with a variety of public interest organizations, keeping in mind funding will be restricted for certain types of political, research, Stanford-based, for-profit, and faith-based organizations. Please review the “Host Organization Eligibility” section of our program policies for more information.


Selected Haas Center Cardinal Quarter Fellows are expected to begin service following the completion of spring quarter classes and no later than July 5, 2022. All fellows are required to work with their community partners at least 35 hours/week for nine consecutive weeks. Fellows are expected to work on-site at their host organizations and follow Stanford's and the host organization's travel and vaccinations policies (Stanford's policy is here). Some hybrid or fully virtual experiences may be allowed. Fellows must have a designated full-time professional staff member at the host organization as their supervisor/mentor. Please review the complete program policies for additional requirements. Other commitments include the following:

Spring Quarter

  • Complete an online program orientation.
  • Complete the Engaging in Ethical and Effective Service module.
  • Identify and meet with an academic mentor at least once. 
  • Design a personal learning plan and share the learning plan with the site supervisor and academic mentor.

Summer Quarter

  • Submit a brief preliminary report
  • Submit a final report, complete a program evaluation, and correspond with fellowship donor(s) as requested by fellowships program staff.

Fall Quarter

  • Meet with academic mentor at least once. 
  • Attend a de-briefing meeting for the purpose of reflecting upon and evaluating fellowship experiences.
  • Participate in outreach activities to share the experience and help publicize the program.

Selection Process: 

For those who seek assistance, advising is available through the Haas Center to help students develop their applications and/or to identify potential partner organizations. Please reach out to a Cardinal Quarter Peer Advisor or email for an advising appointment with program staff.

Students are strongly encouraged to discuss ideas for placements with program staff well before the application deadline to identify appropriate/relevant opportunities and prepare effective application materials. Developing a suitable fellowship placement takes time, so it is important to start the application process early and consult with professors, advisors, and community partners regularly. 

This fellowship is intended for individuals whose application, references, and interview demonstrate

  • an integration of the fellowship experience with the applicant’s academic, personal and/or career goals
  • prior demonstrated interest or involvement in the subject area, including related coursework
  • a compelling match between applicant’s skills and interests and an organization’s work and needs
  • strong potential for the fellowship experience to enlarge a candidate’s understanding of an identified community issue or challenge

Complete applications are screened, finalists interviewed, and fellows selected by a committee with the intention to award fellowships within six weeks of the application deadline. Applicants should respond promptly (within 48 hours) via email to a fellowship offer, or the offer will be rescinded. Once an applicant accepts a fellowship offer, the student should promptly notify all other Stanford and non-Stanford programs to which they have applied that they have accepted another offer and to withdraw their candidacy.




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April 4, 2022 | 11:59 PM
* This Application Deadline has passed

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