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Cardinal Commitment
Student service organization

Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW)

Multi-quarter part-time
Technology & Engineering

Founded in 2003, Stanford Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) aims to address the challenges of global poverty and sustainability by harnessing the energy and creativity of student engineers, members may be from any major in any school. We partner with organizations locally and internationally to approach engineering-based challenges through partnerships that foster cultural, educational, and technical exchange.

Service required to fulfill a Cardinal Commitment: We offer local and international projects that all span much more than three quarters (including summer time). Thus, students in ESW typically work on their favorite project or projects throughout the year (like Repair Cafe) and reach different milestones each quarter. Since it is engineering based, the longer the commitment, the more results students will be able to see (project development). We hope that this is an incentive for students to complete their Cardinal Commitment with us!

Cardinal Service Mentor: Adam Nayak

Adam Nayak

"When I bring humility, empathy, and intentionality into my interactions with others, I am able to learn more, listen more critically, and reflect upon my own areas for growth."

Adam, '22, is studying civil and environmental engineering with a minor in comparative studies in race and ethnicity. Their activities at Stanford include serving as the lead Cardinal Service Peer Advisor, Co-President of Engineers for a Sustainable World, an Intergroup Communications Liaison for the American Society for Civil Engineers, the ASSU Co-Director of Community Responsibility, and a National Advisory Board Member for the Haas Center for Public Service. Adam is originally from Portland, Oregon.

Adam Nayak, '22

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