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Cardinal Commitment
Leadership program, 
Student service organization

Cardinal Commitment 2021-2024

Multi-quarter part-time
Arts & Media, 
Education & Youth Development, 
Environmental Sustainability, 
Human Rights, 
Socio-Economic Prosperity, 
Technology & Engineering, 
Law, Policy & Justice

Cardinal Commitment supports and honors students’ individual sustained public service.

"Making a Cardinal Commitment" means engaging with a community to address a problem or need for at least three quarters while you’re at Stanford. You’ll develop a personal mission statement describing your commitment, receive advice and guidance from a mentor or supervisor, and spend some time documenting and reflecting on your service experience.

Make a Cardinal Commitment—develop your civic identity, learn public service skills, and see the impact sustained public service can have on a community, an issue, and yourself!

Questions about Cardinal Commitment? Contact us.


Select the Commitment that fits you

The program has three different types of Commitments to better match your public service goals. 

  • Engagement: do service as a member of an organization

  • Leadership: lead an organization

  • Impact: project focused work

Once you have made a decision about what you want to dedicate yourself to and what type of Commitment fits you, there are three steps to making a Cardinal Commitment.

1. Declare your Commitment - Create a personal mission statement that guides your work. Incorporate your public service goals and outcomes into your mission statement. Begin the application to Declare your Commitment

2. Engage in service work - Work with your community or issue for at least three quarters (and at least two hours per week), while continually reflecting on your mission statement. The Principles of Ethical and Effective Service should inform your work. Contact the Cardinal Commitment team whenever you need support. 

3. Certify completion - After at least three quarters, you can conclude your Cardinal Commitment by Certifying. Provide a concise reflection on your experiences. If you declared a Commitment before November 2020, please use this link to certify.

If you are applying for a 2nd concurrent Cardinal Commitment, please use this application




United States

Open To

Graduate Students


Offered By

Haas Center for Public Service
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