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Bay Area Climate Resilience Fellowship
Cardinal Quarter
Fellowship / internship

Bay Area Climate Resilience Fellowships

Quarter-long full-time
Environmental Sustainability

The Haas Center for Public Service offers five full-time, summer fellowships to support undergraduate and graduate students to work with nonprofit and government agencies to address climate change in the Bay Area.


Climate change poses an unprecedented threat to humanity. Temperatures are increasing, sea level rise is accelerating, and floods, fires, and droughts are becoming more extreme. Communities in the Bay Area and across the globe are already experiencing these impacts, with Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities bearing the greatest burdens. At the same time, we face a critical juncture with respect to our energy future. If we are to avoid even more catastrophic and unequal impacts, we must find an equitable path to a green economy.

For communities of color near Stanford and across the San Francisco Bay Area, there is an urgent need to support community-led efforts to enhance resilience, by enhancing disaster preparedness, tree cover, indoor air quality, access to healthy and affordable food, and more. At the same time, local governments in the Bay Area are working to develop new frameworks for policy and planning, taking a holistic view of the interconnected challenges of housing affordability, sustainable transportation, ecosystem protection, and climate resilience. 

The Haas Center has launched a five-year initiative to support undergraduate and graduate students to work closely with partner organizations to help address these challenges. The initiative includes opportunities to get involved through community-engaged courses, community-engaged research, internships, volunteering, and career support. The goal of this effort is to build a pipeline for student engagement in sustainability and climate action in our region.

Bay Area Climate Resilience Fellowships

Five Bay Area Climate Resilience Fellowships are available. Each fellow will work with a nonprofit or government organization in the region on advancing climate resilience in the area. Through several convenings of the cohort of Fellows, you’ll have the opportunity to share and learn from each others’ experiences, promote collaboration, and help shape the trajectory of this initiative.

Improving equity in California’s climate policy development process

Partner: California Environmental Justice Alliance
Open to: Law, Master’s & PhD students
Help shape how equity is considered in the state's climate change and decarbonization policies, with critical implications for communities in the Bay Area and beyond.
Apply by April 1

Amplifying Youth Voices and Accessing Clean Energy

Partner: Climate Resilient Communities
Open to: Undergraduate and co-term students
Join a growing organization working to promote climate resilience in under-resourced communities in San Mateo County. Help develop and lead programs in one or both of two focus areas: youth activism and clean energy access.
Applications for this opportunity are closed.

Building Climate Resilience and Community Engagement

Partner: North Fair Oaks Community Alliance
Open to: Undergraduate and co-term students
Contribute to the launch of a new grassroots organization in the community of North Fair Oaks, adjacent to Redwood City, seeking to empower community members and build resilience to heat waves, wildfire impacts, and other climate risks.
Applications for this opportunity are closed.

Building Community Resilience and Food Security through Sustainable Urban Gardening

Partner: Valley Verde
Open to: Undergraduate and co-term students
Join an innovative nonprofit that promotes healthy food access among low-income families in San Jose. Help make their home gardening program accessible to more families, support the launch of a new nursery start-up business, and more.
Applications for this opportunity are closed.

Preparing for Sea Level Rise - Advancing Policy Frameworks and Technical Analysis

Partner: San Mateo County Flood and Sea Level Rise Resiliency District
Open to: Master’s and PhD students
This fellowship offers the opportunity to work with an innovative government agency in San Mateo County and gain real-world experience in the political and/or technical dimensions of planning and implementing climate-resilient infrastructure.
Applications for this opportunity are closed.




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    April 1, 2021 | 11:59 PM
    * This Application Deadline has passed

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