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Cardinal Quarter
Fellowship / internship

Partnerships for Climate Justice in the Bay Area (PCJ in the Bay) Fellowships

Quarter-long full-time
Environmental Sustainability

The Haas Center for Public Service offers full-time, paid summer fellowships for undergraduate and graduate students to work with nonprofit and government agencies toward climate justice in the Bay Area. Students who have begun their coterm programs (i.e., students who are paying for graduate tuition) are welcome to apply for positions open to Master’s students. PhD students can participate in either part time (up to 16 hours/week) or a full time fellowship based on availability. 

These fellowships are associated with Partnerships for Climate Justice in the Bay Area (PCJ in the Bay), an initiative to build equitable climate change solutions by supporting long-term partnerships between Stanford students, faculty and Bay Area community leaders. This year, these fellowships will be co-sponsored by the Doerr School of Sustainability’s Integrative Initiatives on Environmental Justice.


Climate change poses an unprecedented threat to humanity. Temperatures are increasing, sea level rise is accelerating, and floods, fires, and droughts are becoming more extreme. Communities in the Bay Area and across the globe are already experiencing these impacts, with Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities bearing the greatest burdens. We also face a critical juncture with respect to our energy future. If we are to avoid even more catastrophic and unequal impacts, we must find an equitable path to a green economy. For communities of color near Stanford and across the San Francisco Bay Area, there is an urgent need to support community-led efforts and policy-making to build climate resilience and a just energy transition. 

The Haas Center’s PCJ in the Bay initiative invests in long-term relationships with partner organizations to help address these challenges. Since January 2021, students have been engaging with PCJ in the Bay partners through community engaged courses and research, summer fellowships, volunteering, and career opportunities.

Partnerships for Climate Justice in the Bay Area (PCJ in the Bay) Fellowships

Fellowships with nine Bay Area organizations are available this year. Each fellow will work with a nonprofit or government organization in the region, building upon the work of last summer’s fellows where possible. Fellows will be a part of a larger cohort within PCJ in the Bay and have the opportunity to share and learn from each others’ experiences through group cohort meetings and activities. 

Learn more about the experience of Summer 2023 fellows through the student reflection videos

Centering Frontline Communities in a Resilient and Clean Energy Economy

Partner: The Greenlining Institute 
Open to: Undergraduate, coterm, and Master's students
Advance energy equity and economic opportunities for low-income communities of color through research, policy, and technical assistance on clean energy sourcing and accessibility.
Apply by April 9

Supporting Food Sovereignty Through Garden Education and Capacity Building in San Jose

Partner: Valley Verde
Open to: Undergraduate, coterm, and Master’s students
Work with an innovative nonprofit building food resilience among low-income families in San Jose and beyond by developing a marketing plan, translating Shared Garden curriculum, and decreasing food waste through a Composting Hub.
Apply by April 9

Supporting Energy Equity Efforts in the Bay Area

Partner: Acterra
Open to: Undergraduate students
Support Acterra’s decarbonization and energy equity efforts in the just transition to renewable energy by expanding outreach and education with low-income and/or disadvantaged communities. 
Applications closed

Research to Support Environmental and Climate Justice Advocacy in the Belle Haven Community of Menlo Park

Partner: Belle Haven Action
Open to: Undergraduate, coterm, and Master's students
Gain first-hand experience in community organizing, apply your research skills to help build awareness of climate and environmental injustices at Stanford's doorstep, and help expand the capacity of a grassroots organization working for change.
Applications closed

Engaging Community with Environmental Justice Programs

Partner: Climate Resilient Communities
Open to: Undergraduate students
Gain real world experience in public engagement and environmental advocacy projects, connecting with diverse stakeholders and co-leading an educational program that empowers underserved communities to foster resilience in their communities.
Applications closed

Research to Support a Community-Led Just Transition in Richmond

Partner: Communities for a Better Environment
Open to: Undergraduate, coterm, Master's and PhD students
Support the shift toward a regenerative economy by working with Communities for a Better Environment and the Richmond Our Power Coalition, conducting research to support their campaign toward a Just Transition in Richmond, California. 
Applications closed

Improving Community Outreach for Climate Resilience in North Fair Oaks

Partner: North Fair Oaks Community Alliance
Open to: Undergraduate, coterm, and Master's students
Support a new grassroots organization in the community of North Fair Oaks, adjacent to Redwood City, seeking to empower community members and build resilience to heat waves, wildfire impacts, and other climate risks.
Applications closed

Environmental Justice and Water Justice For Frontline Communities in South San Mateo County

Partner: Nuestra Casa
Open to: Undergraduate, coterm, Master’s and PhD students
Create educational materials, attend policy meetings, and conduct research on environmental justice projects that ultimately equip and empower community members to advocate for change.
Applications closed

Building Resilience to Sea Level Rise in the Bay Area - Advancing Policy Frameworks and Technical Analysis

Partner: One Shoreline
Open to: Coterm, Master’s and PhD students
This fellowship offers the opportunity to work with an innovative government agency in San Mateo County and gain real-world experience in the political and/or technical dimensions of planning and implementing climate-resilient infrastructure.
Applications closed

Developing Climate Resilience with South San Francisco Communities

Partner: Rise South City
Open to: Undergraduate, coterm, and Master’s students
Work with a new, grassroots organization in South San Francisco centering frontline communities in climate-focused community education, outreach, and policy advocacy.
Applications closed




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April 9, 2024 | 11:59 PM
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